Apartament na sprzedaż w Cosenza (Kalabrii)

Via Gaeta , 30 - Cosenza - CS - Kalabrii


An. Rodzaj: Sprzedaż przez właściciela
Cena: € 400.000
Rodzaj: Apartment
Warunki własności: Doskonałe - odnowiony
Powierzchnia podłogi: 130 m2
sypialnie: 2
łazienki: 2
Klasa energetyczna: A1 44,31 kWh/m2 rok

Ref. 9654 - The building containing the apartment, the Palazzo dei Tarsia o Gaeta, is right in Cosenza's historic centre. The first name, Tarsia is attributed to the fact that the building belonged to the family of Galeazzo Tarsia, 16th-century poet and baron of Balmonte. However, this attribution was later discovered to be false. The second name, Gaeta, comes from the name of the street where the building's main entrance is located. More commonly this building is known as 'Pilate's house' in that a story tells how Pontius Pilate, chief magistrate of Judea, made his way here and stayed here. The building dates back to the 15th century even though in 1587 it was heavily restored. In local stone, busts of Minerva and Mars are integrated into its structure.

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Via Gaeta , 30
Cosenza - Cosenza - Kalabrii